Palin & McCain Workin’ at WalMart as God Intended

| April 15, 2010 | 1 Comment
WalMart Greeter $error Palin

WalMart Greeter $error Palin copyright LaArtista Designsue Call

WalMart Greeter Lizard McCain

WalMart Greeter Lizard McCain copyright LaArtista Designs

Isn’t it just great when you finally find your true calling? When the Good Lord finally kicks open a door for ya’ and just says, here, you’ve been mantled for this all yer life! Well, Lizard and me, we have been so blessed by this here American Values WalMart, importin’ all of our cheap goods from those Chinese who don’t have any socialist unions gettin’ in the way, again, of our freedoms, for the troops!

We’re doin’ God’s work here at WalMart, sellin’ plastic and oil, and again, there, too, cuttin’ off those American jobs. Drill, baby, Drill!

Wink wink to all ya’ AIP members for noticing my flair! Secession is the way I see America, also, too!  God bless ya’, and keep reloading!

Oh, an Lizard doesn’t talk anymore, he just let’s me do the talkin’ ‘cuz he doesn’t really stand fer much, but he did want me to give a big shout out there to those WalMart greeters who like him, are workin’ so hard to take back our aisles! They say “yes we can!” and we say “oh, no ya’ don’t, there smarty!”  Ya’ might be smarter than us and have a better temperament, but we talk for the Rill Mericuns who just want to consume stuff!

Yeah, workin’ at WalMart is kinda like being President, only I have real responsibilities, take that you Muslin Socialist Terrist! I win!

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  1. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    I just love to git me some imported stuff from WalMart, all the rill ‘merikans go there doncha know….and we have to repill the HCR mandation, you betcha, common sense conservative values, dead fish don’t go with the flow…
    reload & repill *wink, wink* reload means votes you betcha…also,too!

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