Teabagger Barbie and Friends

| April 12, 2010 | 4 Comments
Teabagger Barbie and Friends

Teabagger Barbie and FriendsO

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Teabagger Barbie : (at the Lectern, speaking to her “base”- a sea of white people dressed in cheap,WalMart ready Halloween costumes meant to evoke the Founding Fathers) Don’t forget when y’all go to the votin’ booth to pull that there red lever for Teabagger Barbie and Friends! (self-satisfied smile) We see America like you, not like some Kenyan Muslim Christian racist!  (waves flag) Drill, baby, drill!

Crowd: Drill, baby, drill!!!!!!

Teabagger Barbie: (juts chin out defiantly and licks lips — She’s just gettin’ warmed up) Because it’s a heck of a lot better than listenin’ to some professor lecture you, reload! (Ultra smug gloat)

Crowd: (wild cheers) Off with his head!

Teabagger Barbie: (voice shrill, steadily rising to dangerous heights, perhaps the WMD Bush searched so hard for) Also, too, for the troops, and again, in those Real American towns across this great continent of ours that lord love him, my favorite founder (checking hand) Bryan Adams dedicated to Jesus in the early days, also. With a great appreciation there for our freedoms! You betcha!

A woebegone Mitt and Michelle stand off to the side wondering how they can ever top Teabagger Barbie in crazy. It’s just not enough anymore to be a Bush stalker or a Magical Underwear clown. Sigh.

Barbie and Friends brought to you by the Clownfiltrators.

Thanks to JM for sending this great picture from LA Craigslist.

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  1. Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ says:

    Now with twice as much offshore oil used in the plastic!

  2. sarah jones says:

    Now we know why they really want to drill here, drill now.

  3. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Its “rill merkia” and “repill & reload”!
    just sayin’…. :D

  4. sarah jones says:

    Ha ha, you are so right. I stand duly corrected:-)

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