Republican Hypocrite Souder on Video with his Mistress Preaching Abstinence Only

| May 18, 2010 | 2 Comments

Republican Rep Caught Having Affair on Video with his Mistress Preaching Abstinence Only

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Republican Souder and His Mistress get all morally superior on tape

Republican Souder and His Mistress get all morally superior on tape

Listening to the outright hubris of these two who are having sex with one another while they peer smugly down their noses at Democrats for not wanting to “teach morality” is vomit-inducing. Watch the video as the Republicans who too often associate themselves with God get introduced to the reality of their failed divinity and moral authority.

If you thought the hypocrisy of the Family Values Republicans like Argentinian Trail Hiking Sanford swinging at C-Street was disgusting, check this out. Here is Rep Souder (R-IN)–an evangelical Christian who has championed family values and traditional marriage– being interviewed by the woman he has been having an affair with, while smugly calling out Democrats for their failure to legislate morality (not a truly conservative value, FYI) over their insistence that Abstinence Only does not work — this has been proven by….Bristol Palin as well as those loathsome “supposed” scientists conducting research for the high-minded fact-lovin’ freaks on the left.

Rep Souder spends the entire video mocking Democrats for not wanting to “teach morality” and talking about how “offended” he was by the kids who spoke up re the failure of abstinence only. Mock and awe, baby! Just who is fit to teach morality, Representative Souder? And just what would you say to a man who can not abstain from extra-marital sex preaching abstinence only to teenagers?????

“How is it different when a conservative is in charge of Congress? When I was in chairman of the committee, we did abstinence programs to make them work!” He asks scornfully, looking down his morally -superior “family values” nose at Democratic Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA), who offended the great Republican by asking how effective abstinence only is.

His willing mistress (glass ceiling-shattterer, no doubt!) titters obligingly at the congressman’s great wit, murmuring “Of course!” with assumed superiority, shaking her head at those horrid Democrats who clearly have NO morality. Yes, indeed, Representative Souder. Tell us all about it. I’ll tell you one thing that doesn’t happen, though. Democrats are not preaching family values and abstinence only from the bedsides of their hypocrisy or whilst being interviewed by the latest female victim of their overbearing false pride and hypocrisy.

Meanwhile Clown Souder fails to connect the dots that abstinence programs only just recently got federal funding…one wonders what the great W Christian conservative was doing all those years….but back to how great Republicans are…

Waiting for his mistress’ abortion to come out next….

H/T to The Political Carnival for the video:!

Really, congressman? Really?!

Oh, an update: the woman he was having affair with was ALSO married and a guest host on a Christian radio station. Nice.

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  1. crystalwolf aka caligrl says:

    Gee it must be catching! Bristol Palin is on the speaker circuit preaching abstinence only, except that she’s screwing her BF, was actually caught doing the “wild thang” at a party…and this guy is probably her new “roommate”,so she is the un-virgin re-virginized going around to speak “um, no, yes” for $15-30K!’Quick let all change our last name to palin and join the speaker circuit!

  2. sarah jones says:

    Yes, “re-virginization” is all the rage amongst the Right, as is God’s special privilege of swinging and wife swapping to the C Streeters. In other words, reality has no basis here!

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