Bill Maher Rips Republicans for Their Unprecedented Disrespect Of Obama

| February 18, 2012 | 147 Comments

On Real Time, host Bill Maher tore into conservatives and pointed out that never in our history has a president been shown the kind of disrespect that conservatives show Obama.

Here is the video:

Maher said,

But there is something about this president that makes conservatives think it’s okay to go ape shit in his presence. They didn’t do this Carter, an actual pacifist, or Clinton who really did have a plan for universal health care, or LBJ, who actually made it easier for poor people to vote and eat. All of them clearly, evil America haters, but they got treated with a modicum of respect, at least to their faces.

Not Obama. What can it be that’s different about him?

It’s either his race, or it’s your brain chemistry, or it’s something that happened when you dad spanked you and liked it, and you were looking at a box of Cream of Wheat. I don’t know. I’m not a therapist. Maybe, it’s not race? I don’t know what’s in people’s hearts. Except Newt Gingrich, I know what’s in his heart, lust and cheese fries.

But this type of in the room, in your face, in your space respect disrespect is new. Admit that, and I will admit that of course, something like impeaching Clinton was far more serious, but it was also at least in some ways more respectful. It was done with high pomp through official channels. It was all about the rule of law, and the Chief Justice wore a special robe he got from a musical, or something, and somehow that is a lot more respectful than this.

Not that if Obama ever did anything like Clinton did, he would even be alive. Can you imagine what they would do if they ever found out Obama had sex with a White House intern on Easter? Talk about colored eggs. He would have been impeached two times, one for each testicle. This president has had to be the Caesar’s wife of Pennsylvania Avenue, the Jackie Robinson of American politics, never reacting to the taunts from the stands. But after you do this to try to get his goat, what’s next? A wedgie? A purple nurple?

Gov. Brewer said she did this because she felt threatened. Right, like Obama ran his finger down his blouse and said, ‘you my white princess.’

The right has shown Obama nothing but disrespect since the moment he took office. Their hatred of the man who occupies the Oval Office has become so common place that it is now newsworthy when a Republican doesn’t disrespect Obama. What a sad state of affairs. Obama came into office under the mistaken belief that at even if his opponents disagreed with him, they would still show respect for the office that he holds.

The reality is that Republicans were not just angry that they lost the presidential election. After the economy collapsed, this was expected. No, the right hates President Obama for a different reason. Obama represents something that Carter, Clinton, LBJ, JFK, Truman, and FDR never did. Obama represents a threat to their power as white men.

Every time his conservative foes see President Obama, they are reminded that our nation is changing. When the see the black man occupying the White House they are confronted by their loss of power. The White Republicans feel entitled to the presidency. It is their unfailing belief in their own superiority that is the basis behind their obsession with criticizing Obama as incompetent at every turn. If they can only make America belief that the black president is incompetent then they can be restored to their god given position of lord and master over us all.

It’s not Obama’s dark skin, but what his dark skin represents that evokes hatred without bounds and limits. President Obama’s power of them and the realization that their status as a privileged class is coming to an end are the real reasons why they disrespect President Obama.

Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

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  1. ChrisP says:

    Noticed a while back this is the first President that is not addressed as President then name. They even say Former President Clinton, Former President Bush but refer to Our commander and chief as Obama.

    • JakeJ says:

      The press referred to former President Bush as Mr. Bush all the time. The President should be referred to as Mr. President or President (their last name) regardless of whether or not they are Democrats or Republicans.

      • Mike says:

        I might accept your argument if you can show me 3 instances that the Republicans at the CPAC convention referred to our President as anything other than simply “Obama” (when they don’t even want to acknowledge him as president) or “this president” (when they’re about to spew a talking point but don’t even want to pin his name to it).

        The media RARELY referred to President Bush as anything other than “President Bush” in the news cycle outside of panel debates. Even the imaginary “liberal media” has a double standard when it comes to our President, and the reason, of course, is that they’re not liberal at all. They’re centrist and when the Right pulls further right on anything, even if it’s as small as verbal mannerisms, they mirror the behavior to avoid looking too liberal.

        Reading your comment it’s blindingly obvious you missed Bill’s point: that the Right not only uses more vicious tactics when and where they can get away with rallying the radicals in their base, but they do it more often, more blatantly, and more disrespectfully to the institutions that they held sacred when they were in power. Remaining ignorant of that fact is just furtherance of the problem.

        • Moongal6 says:

          This all started when McCain, referred to then Senator Obama as “that guy”.

        • pt says:

          George w as he was called was used without president.

          Of course, that was always in general conversation (like the conventions). Heck you didn’t even need to say president. Within the past 5 minutes you heard George w and you knew who was being talked about.

          I suppose Obama is a unique name that most people who hear Obama did xyz knows we are talking president.

          • need4trth says:


            I disagree. The way in which right-wing ideologues use “Obama”, on it’s face is disrespectful. It smacks of foul overt racism.

            It’s heinous. I don’t give racist a pass.

      • Val Fitzgerald says:

        There is this difference–president Bush was and is, a War Criminal. He wasn’t even elected–he was APPOINTED by the Supreme Court!

        President Obama on the other hand, was handed an economically destroyed country by that turd Bush, and has brought it back in only 3 and a half years.

        Bush is and was a crook–President Obama is an elected President with a mandate to clean up America–one that he’s performing brilliantly.

        That’s the difference between him and president Bush. The Republicans know this and so they think by disrespecting him they puff themselves up. Nothing could be farther from the truth.’

        When we disrespect the arch-criminal Bush, we’re stating facts. When THEY disrespect President Obama, the Republicans are expressing hatred for his success in turning America around and leading it out of the dung-heap their policies landed us in.

        To add (to Republicans) insult to injury–all this good, negating all their evil, was done by a Black Man, and seemingly done easily. Since all the Congressional and Senatorial Republicans are racist pigs, they fail to see the irony in this. The rest of America, both Black, White, and colors inbetween, are laughing at these grossly racist pigs.

        • crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

          Val…great comment!

        • morgauxo says:

          Former president Bush is a war criminal but PRESIDENT Obama is ok?

          President Obama pardoned the telecoms for spying on US citizens for the Bush administration and continues it as a policy.

          President Obama kept us in Iraq most of a term. Isn’t that what president Bush gets labled a war criminal for?

          President Obama has not closed Guantanimo and as far as anyone can know the US still holds and tourtures people without trial idefinitely. I have no pitty for real terorists but with tips obtained through torture and no trials how can we know any of them are?

          President Obama has normalized the ordering of assasination of US citizens by drone. So far it seems to be for terrorists that may very well deserve it but for what has the door now been opened? Likewise I’m sure other presidents have been guilty of killing citizens but at least they had to hide it!

          Sorry but I see president Obama as president Bush part 2.

          • Miz Jaxon says:

            Ok Morgauxo now that you have list his faults, now you can list his accomplishments. Wow you can’t because you would run out of space wouldn’t you turd.

        • shaumoni says:

          Val well put ….

      • HowardBeale says:

        This is not correct. It is proper to call a president (and past president) President so-and-so the first time your refer to him, and them Mr. so-and-so thereafter. This is usually the way journalists refer to presidents.

    • Lois says:

      Thank you. Not calling him “President Obama” drives me nuts. It shows absolutely no respect.

    • gail palmore archer says:

      First of all, President Obama, is not the first black president of America, President Hansen is,along with 7 other black presidents after him. President George Washington, worked for President Hansen. You need to check out the 5 presidents after President Washington, all of them had black people in their blood line. You know all you have to have is a drop of black blood and you are considered black in this country. So this group of people, giving you information, come from a long line of fools. They need to wake up and READ the right history papers. Library of Congress for a start.

      • gail palmore archer says:

        Bill, thank you, for your outspokenness, We need more people in this country that do the right thing just because it is the right thing do. This color thing is and has always worked against this country. Our adversaries use this because they know it is a weak spot and can be infiltrated. President Obama is doing his best. Surely better than the group that worked us into this financial mess. Some people, whites and others, feel they are better than Black Americans; they have been brain washed, just a trick of distraction. Look where they are now.
        Busy doing bottom jobs while everybody from everywhere is working and some saying how they hate the USA. All Americans, WAKE UP, remember 911, we were united for awhile, it felt good. Let’s get that feeling back. Please!!! President Obama is STRONG, he has the love of his wife, family and GOD. No weapon form against him shall prosper.

      • Inatl says:

        Thank you so much. Really wish people would do som real research into the history of the United States Presidency and STOP going by what’s taught in textbooks!

  2. Miriam Alexis Jordan says:

    Thank you, Bill, for your concise observation. I have been appalled by the lack of respect. As a woman of color, I assert myself every day that if you do not respect me, respect my position.

    • Val Fitzgerald says:

      But you see, Miriam–here. Let me give you an analogy. Did you ever go to a zoo and watch the monkeys enthusiastically flinging their feces at their public? That is what the Republicans are doing–acting just like the monkeys in the zoo.

      Now, how can monkeys show their hatred for their captors? By flinging feces.

      If Republicans were more human than they are monkeys, Miriam, I am sure that they would respect the Office of the Presidency. Republicans do not know how every time they disrespect our President, they show themselves to be America’s enemies: –or at the very least, just a bunch of monkeys flinging shit at what they can’t overthrow.

      REAL Americans have every respect for what President Obama has accomplished and is on track to accomplish in the next four years. He killed bin Laden, for God’s sake–his predecessor the Republican Monkey In Chief, did everything NOT to capture what turned out to be his dearest friend Osama bin Laden. It took President Obama to have that monster killed. Since the Republicans couldn’t/wouldn’t do it, they yell and moan about the President being “not quite white” (I guess that half, isn’t good enough for these monkeys, LOL!)

      In short, Miriam–stop being ‘appalled’ by Republican ‘behavior’. Would you be appalled at monkeys flinging crap? That’s all they’re doing–cause President Obama’s stymied and showed them up for the crappy people they are, just by being himself–so they fling crap. President Obama’s NOT THEIR PRESIDENT–because Republicans, aren’t REAL AMERICANS.

      The same with Joe Walsh, TX Republican who yelled “YOU LIE” to President Bush. The look on President Obama’s face was priceless–until that moment he had assumed that he was talking to his fellow Americans–not a shit-flinging monkey like Joe Walsh!

      Sweetie–don’t expect monkeys to be respectful. It isn’t in them–just like so much else, isn’t.

      • Val Fitzgerald says:

        And by the way I’m not a woman of color–I’m white as snow and had no opinion of President Obama when he was first elected. I’m ecstatic with him now, as I started the first job I’ve had in SIX YEARS, last week. My daughters are all working too–my family’s prospering. All because of President Obama.

        These people ‘disrespecting’ President Obama? See my analogy in the letter above. Would you say that monkeys should respect people and not fling their crap at them? No–you wouldn’t expect such clean and civilized behavior from them.

        I fail to see why you expect it, from Republicans.

      • need4trth says:


        one correction. It was Joe Wilson who yelled out “you lie” “…South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson issued a statement apologizing for his outburst…”

        Thanks for the “…monkeys flinging their s**t…” Analogy. Can I use that? Again, thanks

  3. JW says:

    Although I despise the treatment that President Obama is getting, I feel that people were utterly vicious to President G. W. Bush.

    Democrats don’t remember how horrible they were. I do.

    • waldorfteacher says:

      Really? Can you name times that congress persons yelled “you lie!” to President Bush? Can you name the time a governor wagged her finger in his face? Can you tell me how many people hurled racial epithets at not only President Bush but also his wife and children? Anyone call Laura Bush a gorilla or talk about how “butt ugly” she was?
      The people who disliked Bush and the media that disliked Bush certainly were unkind – making fun of his intelligence, his history of alcoholism, and his goofy looks – but this was not to his face. And not by elected officials. There IS something different going on.

      • Bojan says:

        Hey Jeff just sit back and watch a true American at work for the greater good. Sarah Palin and her falmiy represent what America used to be about. This falmiy is very humbling and not as ignorant as they were depicted during the Presidential Race in 2008. Sarah was picked by McCain for a reason. It’s part of Sarah’s falmiy history to play a huge part in American history.Sit back and watch history unfold.

    • Dawn says:

      OK I disagree that dem’s were a democrat I was told by Republicans that if I didn’t like if I could get the f#$k out if the country.that I wax a traitor fir disagreeing with former president bush. That I should be shit and so should by a Christian this is ridiculous! ! And for the record never have I heard the former president bush referred to as anything but.

    • Cheryl says:

      @ JW:

      W. Deserved it. He is a joke walking on two legs, asking for laughs.

    • wayne says:

      The critiscm of Bush was legitimate, based on facts and true events. The critiscm of Obama is unfounded and based on fantasy. I don’t think the average GOP leader gives a damn about what Obama’s color is: they also don’t really care what you and I think, they are just willing to stoop as low as it takes to motivate enough of us to vote Obama out. Why? The GOP wants to take the reins again so they can continue to serve the REAL enemy of the people….big corpoirations.

    • Reynardine says:

      I would like you to tell me when and where it was popular discourse to say that Laura Bush could slice off one of her buttocks and feed an army, or to refer to the Bush girls as monkeys and “hoes” (and here Clinton was never called a rake, which any gardener knows is a male hoe)

    • crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

      your concern noted…
      But you do remember WMD was a LIE!
      How many Men, Women & Children & Soldiers died in a totally fake war?
      And don’t even get me started on False flag 911!
      And stole at least ONE election?
      The Patriot Act, How many Americans have been locked up from that?

      • Reynardine says:

        Well, I’m not a LIHOP, and I’m not a MIHOP. I’m an EIHOP (Encouraged It…)

        • Megan says:

          What shame it is when all there is to do is insult and beilttle a young girl for making a mistake. I have never met ayone with a perfect track record before until I started reading notes people are leaving for Bristol. People this is a young girl who has made a bad decision but got a beautiful son as a result. She has stood up and faced her responsibility so maybe cut her a break, I am sure you have all made mistakes and people do not leave you hate mail. Bristol hold your head high continue on with your grat determination and you will be a force to be wreckened with . Congradulations I watched every week on dancing with the stars to see how much you improved. great job.

    • need4trth says:


      there is a difference. That “Yale educated” war criminal President George W. Bush, not only deserved the names he was called, he deserves the ‘Hague’. Apologies, if the “hague” isn’t the place where war criminals meet justice

    • Brothers for Obama says:

      Are you kidding us? G. W. Bush never, ever had this much hate spewed at him.
      The R Party are un American people disrespecting this president.
      So many Americans were taken in by so many lies about Bushie’s phony war and his famous statement…You are either with us or against us.”

      No, Bush nor any other president never had this much hate thrown at him…ever.

      This R Party will go down in history as the most hateful party ever!

  4. shiva says:

    I have to think Elliot Spitzer would be a fun guy to go to the bar with.

    The GOP isn’t making any bones about being dirty to Obama. And I hope payback comes strong

  5. A Walkaway says:

    When Bush was in office, people would get really angry if you didn’t call him “President Bush” because “He’s the President of your country!!!” I got yelled at a lot because I refused to call him “President Bush” and didn’t agree that he was “God’s man in the White House” and that he came close to walking on water. Now that President Obama is in office, they’re refusing to show him respect, even though throughout his life he’s demonstrated that he is a very honorable person. He is a class act, one that is worthy of imitation, yet they refuse to see it (and their language regarding his wife is shameful… even though she is ONE CLASSY LADY!).

    They want us to respect the Republican presidents, even though the last one was without honor and a few of those before were questionable. “You must respect the OFFICE!” they insist, as if being President automatically makes one honorable – but then they show the lie by refusing to show the same respect for President Obama.

    I may throw that back into their faces, the next time some “Good Christian” (usually the ones that open their mouths around here) starts the lies – even though I don’t believe that way.

    (It is my belief that one brings one’s own personal honor into the office they occupy… if a person is honorable, the office (mayor, governor, president – you name it) grows in honor. If the person is without honor then they dishonor the office.)

  6. Reynardine says:

    Well, even after LBJ had lost the respect of the dove wing of his own party, no one would have gotten in his face like that, because they would have been wiped the floor with. Kennedy, though, got shot.

  7. BWeller says:

    JW: We do remember the way we talked about Bush. He was criticized in the media, and in blogs. We called him “Hick” and “moron”. The difference is, we talked about him, not to him. When the President of the United States is in the room with you, you say “Yes sir, Mr. President”, or “No Sir, Mr. President”. Regardless of how you feel about his politics or policies you show respect to the office of the President. Respect the rank if not the man.

  8. Larry J. says:

    In every comment……people blame or say it’s about color or race, it is not, it’s about his disrespect for the flag, the Constitution, and his lies.

    • Paul says:

      When did President Obama disrepect the flag? When did he disrepect the Constitution? When did he lie?
      The truth is he has not!

    • Robobenito says:

      Reynardine, that’s just stupid, or should I say rey-nard-tarded.

      • Robobenito says:

        Sorry, meant Larry J. Guess I’m just Larry J-tarded.

        • Reynardine says:

          Glad you fixed that.

        • Jully says:

          I understand where Bones is coimng from. I blame our (western) culture. We’re not indoctrinated into the culture of understanding life; we’re taught to live in our own bubbles under the security of our virtual and commercially fashioned worlds.We’re not shown the horrors and blood and carnage of what it takes to feed a world of 5 billion plus people – it’s kept away from our eyes until we’re old enough to check it out ourselves.We’re not hip deep in guts when we’re 10, learning what it takes to feed a family. We just assume its done with rainbows and unicorns.Well, people like Bones and myself don’t have our eyes closed, and we understand that killing is necessary for life. However, we find it morally questionable that we need to kill one thing so that we, other things, can live. If I’m wrong Bones, correct me.I mean, thats life, and thats how we’ve been taught, and I don’t think I could switch to a vegetarian diet. Nor would that stop the killing.So, I love my hamburgers, but I feel bad that innocent creatures had to die so I could barbecue. Tell me you people don’t feel bad that you are eating once alive creatures? You can rationalize that away by saying they’re ‘just animals?’So are we people. So are we. However, killing for ‘fun’ is unethical. Causing another creature that kind of pain and trauma for your own personal satisfaction is pretty much like playing God in my eyes. If you think thats fine, go ahead, but I think that’s akin to evil. Torturing an animal is closer to torturing a human than you think.And the person from Nehama…your logic is faulty. I have not seen a single iota of evidence that Palin has any talents that prove her to be a better leader than, say, an iguana. I wouldn’t trust Palin to lead me out of a paper bag with a shotgun. Remember what happened the last time a VP was given a shotgun? Palin is Dick Cheney with breasts. And anyone who supports that, is against everything I stand for.

  9. Rebecca says:

    1. What was the photo of Obama not respecting the flag when everyone else had their hand over their hearts?

    2. What was the stimulus about when the rich got richer, as the media pointed out; the parties, vacations and the new cars bought for the rich kids? Is not one rule of business, what fails is not good business? If my brother couldn’t manage money, I sure wouldn’t give or loan him millions, and certainly not other people’s money.

    3. We have found that percentages only work for the GOVernment as far as deceitfully hiding real facts. We look into what we’re ‘told’ and then to find out that 50,000,000 PEOPLE are out of work. Roughly, 17% = 50 MILLION PEOPLE. When Obama said these numbers went down, it is REALLY BECAUSE (1) people’s unemployment benefits ran out, (2) their income level dropped so they could draw welfare, (3) people are consolidating households so they can eat and live, (4) 3.7 million are working in ‘new’ GOVernment jobs THAT PAY ZERO IN TAXES — Tell me, how does that support our country? We know the benefits of working people, spending money. But, GOV-workers don’t pay taxes, so how and why did the GOV come up with the idea of making GOV larger? This is not an “oops”. Some educated person planned and pushed this through. Ask these unemployed people for yourself, by spending 3 days at grocery stores and Walmart, beginning on the 3rd day of the month. I guarantee you’ll get an earful and a pair of eye openers.

    4. Why didn’t OUR tax money stimulate the economy by giving tax breaks to businesses that could provide at least 10 job openings? THAT would have created millions of jobs, county by county. Just think of how many businesses and people could be PAYING TAXES right now!!! Instead, we have tax-free jobs getting acknowledged the wrong way.

    Now, are you satisfied with these changes? I am not happy, knowing that much better choices could have been made by our so-called educated leaders. Knowing these facts is THE DILEMMA.

    • CJ says:

      Considering that my husband and I, who happen to be government workers, paid a considerable amount of taxes in 2011 Rebecca, what kind of dilemma are you creating with your blatant lies?

      • Rufus T. Firefly says:

        And don’t even get me started on the government workers who hate Democrats. I actually know one who works in Social Security that yells and screams about liberals as part of his public persona.

    • Paul says:

      With respect Rebecca – pretty much everything you posted here is a complete lie and is typical of the Republican party as we know it. Your are SO un-American and so un-democratic and so against the constitution and you don’t even know it. Whats sad is there is nothing anyone can tell you differently as you have been completely brainwashed into thinking everything you just said is true :(

      Go back to listening to the Sarah Palins and Rush Limbaughs. I feel sorry for you as you sound like an intelligent person and you probably have kids and you will pass on these delusions to them too :(

      • Val Fitzgerald says:

        “With respect, Rebecca”??? Why should you respect such a liar and talk to her as if she were on your level??? To show her that you (and President Obama, and everyone else) is a better person than she is?

        She already knows that. That’s what makes her bitter.

      • Rebecca says:

        I’m an American that wants to preserve the Constitution and keep GOV small to fulfill their duties to protect us, which is a broader spectrum than it should ever have been – the GOV’s job is not to protect us from ourselves, but we do need basic laws. I’ll address the GOV worker in the cafeteria below.

        Not allowing the GOV to create jobs in itself, so more and more people will support the GOV via their jobs. Also, if they worked elsewhere, they would have more voice, by not feeling intimidation by their employer, their own GOV. That’s a contradiction we don’t need millions of, so the GOV can tell all of its workers what to do and how to eat and what to choose. THIS IS A HUGE ISSUE WE NEED TO THINK ABOUT.

        Isn’t anyone interested in supporting our individual constitutional rights to broaden a creative a way for us to support ourselves? Hand-outs, bailouts and welfare should not ever have been a crutch to the American way. We need to be self-sufficient. We don’t need a GOV daddy supporting lazy asses. The writers of our Constitution warns us of big GOV… and yet we’re in serious trouble going the wrong way, empowering the GOV to build and feed on itself. The most recent idiocy is a GOV worker investigating children’s lunches. That’s unconstitutional.

        People have the right to eat what they want. For example, schools, Vegetable Producers, etc., promote ADs for healthy information for people to make better choices. Now we have issues with people not making enough money to be able to afford vegetables. So, our GOV takes over spending money, to hire workers to force (i.e.) vegetables, instead of promoting jobs so people can make better choices. In this instance the child didn’t like vegetables. But is it the job of the GOV to find out why or buy vegetables (which the GOV always over-spends) or is it the parent’s right and direct observation to raising a healthy child? These limitations and restrictions over people are over-thought into ridiculousness.

        I’m not at all happy with deceit from any person or party, which aids in distracting people from the more important issues. The freedom of individuals values, which makes us a great country.

        I’ve only referred to President Obama twice; (1) as a question, and (2) as a reference to a quote he made. All of my arguments were an attempt to unveil facts as I see them. I thank people that answer with real consideration and thought. I believe that some people just can’t decipher reading a mellow voice behind reading fast words. I’ve never made any reference to parties or used any immoral name references (liar?). I thought that I was adding to an intelligent conversation but evidently some of you have proven me wrong. I won’t waste any time in trivial finger poking.

        • Rebecca says:

          Correction, I did quote the President about making 3.7 million jobs since he’s been in office. Is that not what he said? What he didn’t say was, most of these are GOV jobs.

          The “U.S. Office of Personnel Management” records “Total Government Employment since 1962″ shows our current GOV jobs created …

          Bush = 77,000 GOV jobs created
          Obama = 237,000 GOV jobs created

          • Tom says:

            his new jobs were PRIVATE sector jobs. you lie.

            but that is obvious in everything you write. You are a delusional liar.

        • Reynardine says:

          If my tax dollars are being spent to feed schoolchildren-and they are- I have a right to know that they’re being spent to feed them properly, instead of going to whatever makers of junk food who have lobbied whatever officials. If you want your kids to eat potato chips and Twinkies for lunch, you can have them brown bag it. Now, excuse me. I have to water the carrots.

          • Rebecca says:

            I agree that schools should feed balanced meals to our children. Parents usually know what these meals consist of by getting a copy or reading it in media.

            I think most parents are responsible in feeding their children healthy food. We’ve had health advertisements circulating for at least 50 years. So, we know that the lack of income is the most harmful to providing healthy food, for example, because fruits and vegetables aren’t cheaper than boxed foods. I’m glad to be well past having to borrow money for dish soap and toilet paper. Yet, we have nearly 50 MILLION unemployed Americans.

            What I don’t like or condone is ANYONE CHANGING what a parent feeds their children behind the parent’s back and especially without any conversation or phone call. Is it right that a child eats 3 processed chicken nuggets and can’t eat the healthy foods which their parent had packed them for lunch? Do most kids eat the same foods everyday? I see nothing wrong with a turkey and cheese sandwich with fruit, do you? (don’t count just not liking it.) Is there anything wrong with having a few potato chips every once in awhile? Personally, I’d reach for a few chips before I’d eat 3 nuggets. I also believe fruits (or juice) is healthier than processed milk, but we still consume both.

          • Reynardine says:

            You said you were offended by fruits and vegetables, and now it’s processed chicken nuggets. I don’t know of any school system that doesn’t let kids brown bag, but if you buy cafeteria food, you take what they offer, and in that case, I’d prefer my tax money were giving them something healthy.

          • Reynardine says:

            Fox8, huh? NOW I get it…

    • Deborah says:

      Your ignorance is appaling. Do you just have a Fox News I.V. drip? no wait, at least on Fox they are somewhat articulate. Your post is full of contradictions, lies, and grammatical mistakes. Thank you for your response, Gov. Brewer!

      • Rebecca says:

        If you really think so, where is your evidence? You haven’t revealed any facts or your beliefs or your personal interpretations. (i.e. dropping into a conversation and saying you’re wrong and hightailing out, doesn’t mean much.)

    • Ben says:

      Hello Rebecca- unfortunately, I don’t have much time right now so I’m able only to go over your questions quickly. And to the people who attacked her: you aren’t being helpful.

      1) the picture was taken while a renderation of the national anthem not the pledge of allegiance – Obama puts his hand on his right chest for the latter.

      2) Bush isn’t exactly blameless himself – he enacted TARP himself, you know. Anyway, the auto bailout saved hundreds of thousands of blue collar jobs and GM is now profitable. The banks were too big to fail. Their failures would have caused even bigger chaos than we’ve seen. Obama tried to break them into smaller companies, but Republicans interfered. A weak compromise was enacted instead.

      3) I agree that unemployment numbers can be deceiving, but not intentionally so. Bush & all the previous Presidents used the same measurements. All the suddenly you want a different statistical method now that Obama is President? Anyway, the unemployed benefits have gone up simply because there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. Even during the best of the times, there aren’t enough jobs for every single American. What are they supposed to do, live on the street? Sell off their children?

      Government jobs have gone DOWN since Obama became president. And government workers pay taxes like everyone else.

      4) half of the ~$800 billion stimulus was from tax breaks. Republican politicians love to say “OMG OMG $800 billion stimulus!” without once mentioning that little factoid. Anyway, your idea actually isn’t too bad. Oddly, I have never heard a such thing from prominent Republicans.

  10. Browniiz says:

    I have noticed this myself a while ago and I agree that freedom of speech aside we should have some level of respect for our President

  11. Mr Phil says:

    How can this tax and spend president expect to win the support from across the aisle when the word “compromise” is not part of his vocabulary. Even when President Obama had a super majority during the first two years of his presidency he still failed to get his budget passed.

    Members of his own party are not “falling in line” behind his initiatives; many of his campaign promises are still unfulfilled. Regardless of party, how can those elected to represent their constituents expect not to be critical?

    • Paul says:

      Phil – you are out of your freaking mind.

    • A Walkaway says:

      Same old tired Republican LIES.

      “Tax and Spend” is pure propaganda, and the REAL Tax and Spenders are the Republicans, who give money to Big Oil and big corporations, while hurting the poor – and then they claim to be “Good Christians”. They raise fees and fines (which are anti-progressive taxes and unfairly burden the poor) and start wars that burden the economy FOR NO GOOD REASON using that money. They are the party of DEATH.

      I think if Jesus came back today, he’d slap them in the face and tell them that THEY, the Republicans, were truly enemies of God – in that they did just the opposite of what He and the prophets tried to get the people to do.

      • Mr Phil says:

        I vote on issues, not along party lines. Simply believing this president has failed to earn the respect necessary at this point to garner my vote will bear consequence in November.

        • A Walkaway says:

          Really? What issues? Not enough tax money taken from the poor and given to the rich? Not enough punishment of the poor? Not enough stratification of society? Maybe lower taxes even further on the rich?

          Or vote for Ron Paul… a vote for Bigotry and theocracy (almost as bad as the Republican candidates)? Or the Constitution party, whose goal is actually the overthrow of the constitution?

          Get real.

          • Mr Phil says:

            As I just posted in response to ‘Ben’:

            I’m sorry, I didn’t take the Liberal Arts elective Robin Hood Economics… Given I vote for the candidate I dislike the least, President Obama may still get my vote if Ron Paul somehow get the Republican nomination.

          • Reynardine says:

            Mr. Phil, repeating yourself word for word all the time is an early warning sign of brain damage. Get checked out.

          • Mr Phil says:

            Reynardine though I sustained a TBI nearly 22 years ago and was comatose for more than three weeks, sometimes it is necessary to spoon feed the same information to multiple individuals.

            Seventeen years of co-teaching the brain injury curriculum to medical students at Baylor College of Medicine has taught me “The Tygers of Wrath are Wiser than the Horses of Instruction.” (William Blake, Proverbs of Hell)

          • A Walkaway says:

            Robin Hood Economics, what a laugh! Tell us more funny ones!

            Let me tell you something about governments. All governments transfer wealth. ALL. Some transfer it from the rich to the poor, and those cultures enjoy prosperity and relative peace. Others transfer it from the poor to the rich (where this country has already gone except with a few exceptions – like Medicare and Medicaid). That’s the direction the politicians EXCEPT President Obama and most of the Democrats are taking us. Those countries that do so do not enjoy prosperity, and there is always tension within their borders (especially when a handful of people own it all and everyone else is poor). Indeed, that usually leads to police states, because the people have to be subjugated in order to keep that upward flow going.

            Even the simpler political systems (such as chiefdoms and in “Big Man” cultures) have redistribution of wealth. As a general rule, the leadership of those systems redistributes the wealth so that people don’t suffer. I might add that in the more honorable systems (those based upon personal honor – not the honor talked about in Eurocentric societies but that which comes from considering the needs of others and doing the right thing), the leader – chief, “Big Man”, or by whatever title is always the poorest person in the group – by choice and because of his or her people’s needs.

            An observation I’ve made of most of the political systems admired by conservatives – the authority flows from the top down, irregardless of the needs or wishes of those at the bottom, and the resources flow from the bottom up – again irregardless of the needs or wishes of those at the bottom. That’s why we have the 99%-1% divide in this country RIGHT NOW. (That’s why I encourage everyone to support the Occupy movement.)

          • Reynardine says:

            As one who had a father who died a miserable death after a series of strokes, I had some sympathy for you until you got to the Tygers of Wrath part.

          • Mr Phil says:

            Reynardine, as a survivor of a TBI, the Blake quote has special meaning to me for the following reason. As a survivor I know more about how said injury affects my life (Tyger of Wrath)than any doctor or medical professional (Horses of Instruction) can ever tell me based upon what they have read or observed.

          • Reynardine says:

            if “Tygers of Wrath” have a special meaning for you alone, don’t think you’re communicating with others by referring to them. And now, you’ve just about used up your game of “Wooden Leg”. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you any more, and nobody is going to let you use that as a technique any more.

        • Tom says:

          You, sir, overestimate the value of your vote.

      • Rufus T. Firefly says:

        Actually, Republicans are more of the “tax and borrow” type (remember Cheney quoting Reagan?), which is the antithesis of sound business practice. They just pass on the debt to the next Democratic president or Congress who are forced to raise taxes to pay for it and then the Republicans blast them for being “tax and spenders.” This is a strategy that is obvious to all but the most blind.

      • Rebecca says:

        Excuse me, but I don’t agree with handouts, bailouts or the stimulus. When the GOV should be making it easier for their countrymen to live and be employed. Don’t you make things easier in your life and for your family?

        Propaganda? Both parties made and amended these laws. Who made these laws (DEM or REP) allowing these handouts, whatever they’re labeled?

        Should we blame the Democrats while they held the majority control of the House, Senate and Presidency during 2009 & 2010, for not correcting what you call problems of giving money to Big Oil and big corporations, while hurting the poor? According to your comment, have I not proven that your party failed you?

    • crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

      Mr. Pill “How can this tax and spend president expect to win the support from across the aisle when the word “compromise” is not part of his vocabulary”
      ummm fox news——> that way! spew your tired old talking points there.

    • Rebecca says:

      Sadly, ‘compromise’ as we know it, is a different level, of packaging in upper management. Political arguments seem to be twisted out of context. It must be so extreme for an agreement not to be made.

      Evidently, ‘the budget’ isn’t getting passed because the majority aren’t willing to forfeit what’s in ‘the package’. So, we can only think that the majority is doing the right thing since we do not know what all is included in ‘that package’.

      I’m sickened to the fact that we have so many unemployed and this is what they’ve come up with. (see my other posts).

  12. BWeller says:

    Phill, as you seam to be a bit misinformed, I’m guessing too much Fox News.

    Compromise: a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.

    The key part there is “Mutual concessions”. Every time Mr Obama moves to the center, the right moves further right. For it to be a compromise, both sides have to give a little and somehow meet in the middle.

    But this strays from the subject. It is not a question of politics or policies. It is a question of respect, or class. Many from the right side of the isle are showing they have neither.

    • Mr Phil says:

      Regarding Bill Maher’s diatribe about the Republicans, he fails to key in on central point, it was WE THE PEOPLE who elected them into office AND as elected officials THEY work for the voters. Has Maher considered that maybe, just maybe, President Obama has lost the respect of the voters?

      • Ben says:

        Yes, WE THE PEOPLE elect our representatives. THAT INCLUDES THE DEMOCRATS. Oh right, we’re not technically Americans. The system malfunctions when one party refuses to compromise – as we’ve seen from Republicans last summer when they refused to raise even $1 in taxes for rich people for every $10 in spending cuts.

        • Mr Phil says:

          I’m sorry, I didn’t take the Liberal Arts elective Robin Hood Economics… Given I vote for the candidate I dislike the least, President Obama may still get my vote if Ron Paul somehow get the Republican nomination.

          • A Walkaway says:

            See my reply above regarding “Robin Hood” economics.

            BTW, Robin Hood was always the Good Guy. The Sheriff of Nottingham was always evil. It says a lot that you would use him in a derogatory context.

          • Reynardine says:

            Oh, listen, this guy clearly prefers the economics of Sir Guy of Gisbourne – er, Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand.

        • JakeJ says:

          Do you really think the Dems would be any different if the tables were turned? I can remember years ago when the Dems would not budge or compromise. I have noticed over the years that liberals seem to want to have their cake and eat it too.

          • A Walkaway says:

            Tell me something.

            Why the hell are you trolls here?

            We prove you to be liars and wrong all the time, yet you keep coming back.

            We show you up for what you are, and you don’t get a clue and stop.

            You’re just like the “Good Christian” bullies… you are so dead set that you’re right, even when it hurts you and drives people away from your point of view (they never EVER catch on that they are some of the most counterproductive people on earth). Don’t you realize that you’re cutting your nose off to spite your face, even though your face isn’t at fault? That you’ve been brainwashed and programmed to go against not only the interests of the people in general, but your own personal interests (unless you’re lucky enough to be the 1%, in which case you’re still the problem and not the solution).

          • Reynardine says:

            They’re here to try to kick over our Stammtisch, just to prove the size of Willie, Peter, and Dick.

  13. Ashley says:

    Rebecca, 1. That picture is a PHOTOSHOP nimrod. 2.-4. You may actually have some decent information hidden somewhere in that spew, however, you are missing the fact that the Republican party, doesn’t give not one single shit about you, or any of your spew.

  14. Holly Golightly says:

    Oh, no, they were N E V E R disrespectful to G. W. Bush like they have been to our Pres. O. In fact, I hardly ever read any negative remarks about Bushie at all. I have never, never, in my many years as I have been interested in politics have seen such disrespect to a president. NEVER! We can all blame Sarah Palin when she came on the scene while campaigning. She started with that lie about Obama and Bill Ayers and “palling around with terrorists.” Palin should have been put in jail and still should be. I blame this hateful woman who has no conscience at all. She has absolutely NO problem talking hate talk on Pres. Obama. Well, that started it all. From then on the R Party followed suit and away they went with it.

    • Val Fitzgerald says:

      If you think of Republicans as monkeys in a zoo, who think it’s cute to fling their feces at their human visitors–that’s what’s happening when these @holes disrespect America’s (NOT THEIR!) President.

      You can’t tell monkeys to “respect your visitors”–they respect nothing, being monkeys, not even themselves. So they fling their feces, because being monkeys, they’re ignorant and a couple of cuts beneath their visitors.

      Just so, the Republicans. The President is the first one who understands this. He laughs at their antics the way that we laugh at monkeys who scratch their genitals and fling their feces.

      • Rebecca says:

        Are you confusing adult cartoons with politics? How could any intelligent person condone the flinging of feces? Name calling is an attempt to intimidate. All politicians lie. All of this is why the shit is getting deep.

    • crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

      Holly so right on the money she should be in jail! But is protected by powerful peoiple (McCain) who also should be in jail.

    • Macco says:

      You write so hotsnely about this. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Cheryl says:

    @ Mike: I agree with you totally. Well said. Especially about the viscious tactics being so blatant. What about this: I just commented on a FB thread to some who still believe the birth certificate is somehow bogus. I believe these people have been lobotomized by some right wing conspiracy theorists in Sarah Palin disguise.

  16. John says:

    Bill Maher: the pot must have been good that you smoked( again)… You are a pandering suck up idiot and a total LIAR.. NOBODY was treated as badly as George Bush Jr.. NO WAY… But that was ok because he was a white repub… barak is a bad president.. deal with it and stop sucking up with black people.. you make me sick… and stop with the racial nonsense.. how many black people are going to NOT vote for the republican candidate only because he is white? Many!

    • Denisehopes says:

      John, your comment is ridiculous…even at the worse of times (Katrina) the Black community still maintained their respect for the War Criminal. You people will do anything to try and dismiss President Obama. I have figured out your plan, as has many Democrats. None of you Frigid Right-Wingers want W to go down in history as the worse president this Natio. Has EVER had, BUT HE WILL. Your side has tried to do all it can to make sure this Preisdent, A BLACK MAN,who came in after W and has had to clean up his mess, does not succeed. Your side has lied, stolen, and almost destroyed this Nation in your attempt to vindicate W, and destroy this President…but it will not be so. As for your sides constant whining about Blacks and their desire to vote for the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, get over it, give it a rest…Republican WHITES vote EXCLUSIVELY WHITE in EVERY ELECTION…if they were not, why did it take 44 elction cycles before a BLACK MAN was elected President…stop our stupidity and racism…

    • Ben says:

      And how many white people refuse to vote for Democrats simply because they believe they’d help black people (never mind the fact that welfare for poor people makes up only 5% of the fed budget)? Many!

    • Reynardine says:

      Contrary to your belief, most black voters are of an intelligence superior to yours, and they are not going to vote for candidates who call them lazy, inferior, immoral, welfare cheats, and criminals, still less for the party that was prepared to let them die and rot unburied until a press briefly awakened to journalistic ethics roused the conscience of the nation (Helluva job, Brownie, even if you didn’t quite manage to carry out the Final Solution)

    • A Walkaway says:

      See my comment re: trolls.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with most of what you said, John. But somehow in relating “this President is bad”, confuses people with ‘to simple of a statement’, which relates directly to their own thoughts, from not knowing your exact reference. I think most people know that politicians lie for their own gain as well as winning the prize and for doing their best, as far as politics can allow.

      I’m not racial. We all have our own interpretations from what we learn and perceive. I’m a military brat and I like to converse with people. Color doesn’t concern me, unity does. There is good and bad in everybody. Nobody should believe everything a politician or ‘the party’ believes and tells them, since we are individuals not drones. Just as presidents have committed adultery does that mean that all men commit adultery, nor does our country promote this behavior in any law. However, people do promote what they believe in. I am disappointed in people that repeat, party slanders, racial slanders, etc., without researching the information for themselves. This should not be a “you-people, name-calling, Easter Party”. These are or should be discussions for many lives.

      Saying that, I’m not happy with some of the changes that this President has promised, how he has promised them and how most of them have been executed. I’ve listened and watched him since his campaigns; “how” he explains himself and the mannerisms he’s used. I’ve felt uneasy in almost everything he’s explained. I strongly believe that this is more than a politician thing. So, from my own observations and research, I can see that Mr. Obama is very well versed and has been coached. I feel that there is a lot of deceit, more than a party or racial thing. Is there anybody else here that agrees or disagrees and can explain why in a civil conversation? Btw, I won’t reply to silly-minded people anymore – wasting time by typing foul words out of context.

  17. free2say says:

    This is nothing short of absurd. President Bush was portrayed as an ape, and received death threats. The main stream media constantly berated everything he did and did all they could to make him look ridiculous and incompetent. As for the current president, you get respect when you earn it. Maybe people really, really don’t want to go from a free society to a socialist regime? Maybe people really don’t want to be forced into a healthcare program the government itself won’t join into? Maybe the people really, really don’t trust his foreign policies that include ignoring a very real threat like Iran? Maybe the people really really have had cause for concern these past few years. Don’t act like the Democrats never disrespect a Republican president. And please, PLEASE stop playing the race card. I think we’re all sick to death of that.

    • Ben says:

      Obama ignoring Iran? Yeah, Bush sure took care of Iran.

      • Tom says:

        Well, he ran, didn’t he? He ran into his mission accomplished banner! Does that count? Also, “I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about Osama.” Bush- the “decider”and runner

    • Reynardine says:

      Yeah, Free2. Poor Bush. I am moved to my very bowels for him.

    • crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

      And WHAT about IRAN?
      Oh POTUS is not rattling his saber enough for ya? Want another war do ya?
      FEAR Mongering! That is all you Repugs have! Maybe President Obama will start a draft again, do you have any kids that age? Will your kids volunteer to fight in Iran?
      Yea…I thought so.

    • A Walkaway says:

      Again, see the comment re: trolls.

      Besides that, I got a laugh at your username “free2say”. You want the freedom to spout lies (which we easily counter), but what about OUR freedom of speech? Suddenly that’s not so important, is it? (“Good Christian” preachers have publicly said that only they and people like them have any right to free speech. I’d bet you feel the same.)

      And the race card? When racism stops in America, there will be no need for a “race card”.

      That’s the bigot’s complaint, and it needs to stop.

      (FYI – my wife and I were thrown out of one church because we’re American Indian, and part of the reason we were driven from another was because of our race. Plus I’ve been denied service and access to public utilities (public bathroom in a store) because of my race – not that long ago. I’ve gotten racist comments within this last year, although I must admit they’ve decreased significantly since I stopped going around the “Good Christian” churches. Racism is alive and well in America… and easily demonstrated besides our personal experiences. Oh, and I’m talking about the scientific definition of racism – based upon power structures. You might educate yourself a bit about what you think you’re talking about. You REALLY don’t have a clue.)

      • Rebecca says:

        Racial hate sickens me. I know that my being sorry isn’t enough, so let me assure you that I do my best. I’ve even called-out preachers, for racial tendencies. I’m not shy when people aren’t treated with respect.

        I see other people here that are bullies, more than insinuating that if we all don’t think the same as them, then we’re trash. IF we all did think the same, ate the same food and went to the same doctor and drove the same car, and were employed by the same GOV instead of the job industry we know now, would we be happy? I think that’s where we are heading… to much GOV control.

        • Tom says:

          And yet, you “think” wrong. You see, once your opinion has been shown to be untrue (as in, not factual), it becomes a lie.

          There are MORE PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS NOW and government jobs are less than under Reagan.

          What exactly is it that you object to re “control”? You support candidates who want to tell us that we can’t use birth control, and these same control freaks want to say that rich people and corporations shouldn’t have to pay their fair share for the privilege of being in and using this great country.

          They want all of the control, but they don’t want to pay any bills.

          • Rebecca says:

            You are wrong, Sir. The job facts are posted on a GOV website which shows that President Obama has created far more GOV jobs than President Bush.

            Bush = 77,000 GOV jobs created
            Obama = 237,000 GOV jobs created


            I didn’t address birth control – an individual’s personal choice about their own body.

            Corporations that pay to much in the USA have went abroad for financial gain. We cannot afford to lose big business. We already have nearly 50 MILLION unemployed people. So, what was your point?

        • A Walkaway says:

          If you are REALLY sorry, then don’t vote for the ones behind the problem – the Republicans and anyone like them. A constant thread through all of the problems I’ve experienced with discrimination is that the discriminator was very conservative, which defines the Republican party.

          Otherwise you’re only trying to spread salve on your own conscience. It’s something I see all the time… and I’ve gotten quite sick of people who prattle about how they fight racism (or want to) but still vote for racists and support them. I have yet to meet someone who came across as conservative, said they were sorry, and then actually put their money where their mouth is. That, by the way, covers a span of about 22 years… since the time I learned I was really American Indian by birth.

          Oh, and let me clue you into something else. The reasonless and invariably baseless hatred of the Other (sometimes based on lies) and the idea that one person is better than another (for instance better than the poor, or better than dark-skinned people, or better than “that lazy trailer trash &*@! who has too many welfare babies”) are also the roots of racism. A person who denigrates the poor because they are poor (“They’re just lazy”, “They only want government handouts”, “They have a poor work ethic”, etc.) is no better than a racist, and usually the two go hand-in-hand. Ditto for people who hate LGBT people. Or Muslims. Or atheists. Or single mothers. Or the disabled. Or those who need government assistance to survive.

          Oh, and if you don’t think like us, why are you here? To try to change us? Isn’t that a bit along the lines of Hubris?

          • Rebecca says:

            It is really convenient for you to label groups as racist and smother any civil conversation. I’m sorry you feel that way.

  18. Dave Marsh says:

    I can’t wait until Obama doesn’t have to worry about being re-elected. I hope he tells them all to go to hell, invokes the 14th amendment whenever he is challenged, and basically makes the Republicans eat the shit they have been throwing at him. I totally respect the man. I live in Arizona, and I am ashamed of our so-called governor and have no respect for her at all. I do respect her office, though I wish it was still filled by Napolitano. I HONOR our President and all his accomplishments, and am proud to vote for him again.

    • David says:

      So it is ok for shmucks liek him to disrespect Pres Bush but it is an abomination to say anything about obama.

      • Ben says:

        The article’s point isn’t that Bush wasn’t disrespected, but rather the disrespect Obama got from ELECTED OFFICIALS who should have followed a certain decorum.

      • Blkmedic911 says:

        You just proved a point. You referred to our current PRESIDENT as Obama, but you gave the former the respect of his title! All presidents are criticized….but they were not subjected to such blatant/direct hostility.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah, that’s exactly what he wrote.

        Er, not.

        But kudos to you for whining so loudly that you caught my attention. Poor “Pres Bush” and mean old “obama.” You might try pretending you’re not biased by using at least a capital O.

    • Reynardine says:

      Are you *that* Dave Marsh? Damn, we can’t get a decent weather forcast any more!

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  20. H says:

    The *goal* of America by the way, the *promise* IS change! It was big change when my gender got the vote; people are coping…

    Change is something the Republicans are going to have to start to begin to get used to…!

  21. Greenjeans says:

    LAUGHING all the way to the Polls, and at the Yellow-Belly Republicans and Coservatives!_

  22. Tom H says:

    It would be nice if Americans would read history. Every President since Washington has been “disrespected” by the opposition party and sometimes even by his own party. This is nothing new and it will always be. Liberals spewed vitriol about Nixon, Reagan, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush. Conservatives about FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter and now OBama. The next one can expect the same treatment. It is the American way of Predidential politics. To expect anything else is to be hostorically and politically ignorant. Have a nice day!

    • A Walkaway says:

      I know a bit about history too, and I don’t remember an instance that comes close to “You Lie!”.

      Even though it’s been proved that the previous president started an unnecessary and very expensive war by lying, nobody shouted that at him.

      • Rebecca says:

        The Lie

        When President Obama stated: “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.” In his now famous response, Congressman Joe Wilson stood up for every American and responded, “You Lie!”

        Congressman Wilson was right — the President boldface lied on National TV. —

        Although I usually appreciate tactfulness, I do appreciate the reason far more than the outburst.

        • A Walkaway says:

          Uhh.. CNN isn’t a reliable source.

          Mainstream news is demonstratively unreliable, racist, and with a strong conservative bias. That includes CNN (which has gone downhill in the last couple of years or so).

          If I had more time, I could drop some peer reviewed journal articles demonstrating that fact (ones I’ve used in my own research).

          Someone said that reality has a liberal bias. The work I’ve done demonstrated that fact quite clearly.

    • Reynardine says:

      The worst I ever heard Trish Nixon called was “The Princess”, and that was only when her daddy tried to set her up with Prince Charles. Nobody even made too much fun of Nancy Reagan’s astrology addiction. I have already stated nobody ever dreamt of telling Laura Bush she could cut off one of her buttocks and feed an army, called the Bush girls “hoes” (and they, at least, were grown up) or threatened any of the female Bush family members with rape or sodomy in FOX or CNN comment columns. Certainly there was none of the assassination drumbeat we see now, and no website would have dared post crosshairs on Republicans. I guess Democrats holding office is different, especially when they’re not…well, you know.

  23. tartandisco says:

    The shit-flinging Republicans ought to be chained to a chair and forced to watch President Obama’s speech at Westminster Hall in London. He was witty, perceptive, eloquent, insightful, and downright statesmanlike. If he was my President I’d be hugely proud that my country was led by such a man. Being a Brit (although a UNC grad) I can only admire him from afar and wish we had such a head of government. (Our head of state does a pretty good job!) Are we going to see the headline “Palin nominated by brokered convention” ? I think America would be deafened by the world laughing…

    • A Walkaway says:

      I was in Sicily when President Obama won the nomination. The Sicilian people were all following the nomination process very closely, and there were public celebrations when he won. I also heard expressions of great relief and joy at his win, and hopes that he would live up to their hopes (which I believe he has). They were sick and tired of the Ugly American(s) and we (and our students) received statements of appreciation for being more respectful of their culture and lives than the normal American tourists. (When I finally got the word for “receipt” right, they laughed and applauded… to my embarrassment! However, they did know I was trying!)

      Some of the comments about the previous president… weren’t nice at all and I could understand why.

  24. I think that these people need to grow and take it in the a–s like everybody else, maybe the world would be a better place to live.

    • Ayo says:

      It might be. There is no way that she can run for President while living in Alaska.I am sure she’ll pick a Red State. I bet you atnhniyg it will be Texas. Was this answer helpful?

  25. Marc says:

    You liberal pukes make me sick.. Anytime anyone disagrees with your spender in chief on anything, it always leads to racism.. Fuck off with that shit already.. I fucking hate liberals. Hey I have an idea, get a job, or open a business, when you see how hard you get screwed you won’t be a liberal anymore….until then, you all and Bill Maher can go fuck yourselves…

    • Marc says:

      Oh and why not use his full name… Barrack HUSSEIN Obama… Sounds like a fucking mooooooslum to me…

      • Tom says:

        hey Marc, your knuckles are dragging again.

      • Reynardine says:

        Marc, why don’t you learn a proper vocabulary before you try posting among people more intelligent, better read, and clearly better brought up than you are? Everyone has learned to say “fuck,” “shit”, “puke”, and “screw” by sixth grade at the latest. You give the indelible impression your education has gone no further.

        • Tom says:

          He’s clearly low level functioning. Figure his IQ hovers around 81. He obviously finds “Moooosolum” to be hysterical. Belongs in a group home but these days, the Palins are allowed to pass for humans.

          I bet his next comment is about the Constitution because we all know that “Moosolums” aren’t allowed to be President.

          #whatRushsaid #conservativehistoryrevision

          • Rif says:

            No, Brute I don’t like it. Wow. What an assumption. No, you didn’t make a boo-boo. I’m mlerey pointing out that you don’t speak for ALL men, at least not the ones I know and love. And I don’t speak for all women in the least. I speak for myself and my own experiences. It’s the best any of us can do.

    • A Walkaway says:

      Had a business for 16 years… got screwed good. Taught me the importance of government regulation and controls, and that you cannot trust corporations to do anything right or ethical.

      The government was somewhat better, but if the damned Republicans hadn’t screwed with the tax laws (under the false mantra of “fairness” – making small -tiny- businesses the target while ignoring the crimes of larger ones), we would have been left alone.

      I also learned that the corporations don’t give a single damn regarding their employees, in spite of their rhetoric. The only reason why some shops I’d been in treated their employees like human beings was because of unions. The ones who didn’t… physical beatings (I have the scar to show it happens), no breaks, working off the clock, etc. already are happening and have been so for a long time. The only thing beyond the unions that protected the people was the Federal Government, who did step in on a couple of occasions I am aware of.

      If you think it’s the liberals that are doing the screwing, I’ve got BIG news for you. In fact, BIG is too small a word…

  26. Rebecca says:

    Here is the VIDEO — not an alteration —
    Now, who is the nimrod?

  27. J says:

    We all know when the firs “black” president was elected there would be a lot of racism. Surprisingly it isn’t as bad as we thought. Which would have been assassination but there were attempted assassination by neo-nazi’s. And Republicans blatant racism isn’t a surprise to anyone.Neither are the new movements of a groups of bigots such as birthers,tea party,etc that didn’t exist under Bush. I respect President Obama for being able to keep calm while the racist right wing engages in blatant disrespect to his face. Most likely in an attempt to get him angry and use the “angry black man” stereotype they would love.

    Keep letting these racists show their true colors and if they go too far put them down. Its better they do it in public instead of behind closed doors.

  28. Kevin C says:

    I think President Obama could be a great president if the GOP would work with him which I think is their job instead of their commitment right from the beginning to make him fail. They fight him on every issue whether it is good for the country or not. They are so full of hate and religious dogma they can’t see straight anymore.

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