Is Palin Inhalin’? A Newly Trout Pouted Sarah Palin Pushes the Pot

| June 23, 2010 | 2 Comments

Is Palin Inhalin’? Tea Party Leader Sarah Palin Touts the Pot

Trout Pout Palin lovin' the Pot!

Trout Pout Palin lovin' the Pot!

A newly trout pouted Palin (those dead fish are swimmin’ upstream) pushes POT as the New Savior of the American Patriot on our Nations’ Ministry of Truth while old guard real former governor Huckabee mocks how high the quittin’ half-term governor is in her interview. I’m sure he was just kidding – right, Gov?!

But even if he was just kidding…..we have to thank Mikey Huckabee for drawing our nation’s attention to alternatively bugged out and drugged out eyes of our great Savior Sister Sarah, trying to catch her between bouts of mania and despair. Maybe he only did this to distract us from his “icky” comments (pun definitely intended):

The wonk room at Think Progress reported:

“Former Arkansas governor and current Fox News personality Mike Huckabee has a habit of trying to substantiate and explain away his off-the-cuff homophobic remarks with clarification statements that blame the offended parties for misunderstanding his biblically-inspired Evangelical Christian beliefs. After he likened gay marriage to incest and drug use, Huckabee issued a statement insisting that the activist gay journalist took his remarks out of context and appeared on Rosie O’Donnell’s radio show to explain that he really “respects” gay people, but disagrees about what’s ‘ideal’ for the children.”

Maybe Mikey thinks Palin is gay? Is that why he was mocking her for being high? Color me confused – I just thought her meds were off.

Potato, potato, if you know what I mean. The looming question of Tea Party Patriots the countrywide is Can Sarah Be Saved before 2012?

If she can’t, we know a former Governor who is gunnin’ for her position of glamor and high celebrity.

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  1. crystalwolfakacaligrl says:

    Gee I wonder what ole Huckabee was trying to call our attention to?
    And why didn’t she tweet back at him?
    And what’s with those fish lips???
    Questions, Questions Sister sarah but never any answers….?

  2. sarah jones says:

    hahaha, someone went to their pusher and got a wee bit too much juvederm.

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