How the Republicans Lost PA 12

| May 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

Republicans watched their dream of “taking back the country” die tonight in the special election in PA-12 when Democrat Mark Critz won. McCain carried this district in 2008, so the Republicans had Big Dreams. The race attracted national attention as a predictor of the fall 2010 races.

How to LOSE an Election

How to LOSE an Election

If you wonder how the Republicans lost PA12, just watch this horrible ad where they bash healthcare, Pelosi, Obama, liberals…..See, not everyone hates liberals or Obama or Pelosi or healthcare.

The Republicans were sure they were going to “take back the country” this year, starting with this race. I guess Real Americans thought otherwise.

Now, before you can cue Glenda, here come the Tin Foil hat-wearing losers (aka; the Right) with their sad conspiracy theories, wherein anything makes sense except for reality. Because once again, they LOST.

The truth hurts. SUCK IT. Bring on 2010!

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