GOPPER Clown Show in the Desert!

| March 27, 2010 | 1 Comment
We the Anarchists Delcare War on America

We the Anarchists Delcare War on America

Come one, come all! The Tea Klux Klan is a gatherin’ in the wild for their version of Woodstock! Which means, bring your anger, your guns, your misspelled signs, Kool Aid and the kids (home schollin’ is the way to go!) — we gonna party hatriot style!

You have to read Elektablog and the comments:

“Today the Teabag Party Express starts it 2010 World Tour in Searchlight, Nevada, home of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Organizers said they are expecting 10,000 people. It’s a little something I’m calling the Clown Show in the DesertTM

Searchlight’s population, according to teh Googles, is 798. It was 576 after the 2000 census.

Holy freakin’ clown show, Batman! This oughta be fun!”

Now, I know they’re expecting 10,000 but you know in Teabagger that’s really 600. I only hope they’ve done their usual job of ordering more porta potties than they have attendees– after all, the economy isn’t going to fix itself!

All you un-American folks who believe in elections and the constitution should stay home! This is all about Jesus, the flag, and the Christian Nation Clown Show of Homeschooled, Texas school book-educated morons.


Oh, and just in case anyone is confused, stop on by Newsvine to read what Sergent C USMC has to say about the teabaggers violence:

” Secondly, Regardless of your political ideology, you’ve earned the right as US Citizens to say your piece – no matter how wrong it may be. That is your right, and I will give my life to protect it.

But this government of ours is a democracy. We vote for our representatives, and they vote in our interests. Sometimes, the votes don’t go our way. That’s life, better luck next time. Exhaust your legislative options, and then focus on gaining the required votes and/or seats to achieve your desired legislative vote next election time. That’s the way things work.

But the SECOND you start committing acts of violence and vandalism, then you’ve usurped that Constitution. You in a way have assaulted it. And then you and I (I being every servicemember who has sworn to defend said Constitution) will have a MAJOR PROBLEM.”

Er, oopsie.

I smell fried teabaggs.

And jut in case anyone is still confused, Palin and McCain announced that the GOP is the Tea Party. So, basically, all of this violence, these threats and acts of violence against citizens and elected officials, this is all coming from the party that lost power in the last election.

Nothing says Democracy like overthrowing the government when you lose an election and silencing dissent through violence and threats.

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    Whoever wrote this u are a Liberal piece of shit

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