Fox Makes Up Breaking News In Order to Cut Away From Obama

| March 30, 2010 | 43 Comments

Fox Makes Up Breaking News In Order to Cut Away From Obama

In order to avoid showing President Obama’s remarks after he signed the final health care bill today, Fox News cut away from the president to show footage of a perfectly fine airplane landing. Fox justified the cut away because they had heard that the plane might be having flap issues. The reason is that they did not want to give Obama any airtime to discuss the health care bill that he signed.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Trace Gallager of Fox News said, “It looks like look this thing is landing very well. You see the flaps right there look to be configured properly, so they have may have been flap issues or may have been an indicator light, but this thing has apparently has touched down safely if this is plane that we have in fact been watching fly in. It burned some fuel to get rid of some extra weight, but with 101 people on board, it looks like if there flap issues, Jane, it had no problem landing on the airport at all. That is a picture perfect landing.”

To illustrate just how desperate Fox News has gotten, they were hoping for an air disaster so that they could justify not showing President Obama’s remarks on health care. A story that an airplane possibly had flap issues or a bad indicator light was enough for Fox to use to justify cutting away from Obama. What is even worse is that the network stayed with the airplane even after it was clear that there was no breaking news happening there. At least the last time the network cut away from Obama, they actually had another press conference to cut to, this time they were grasping at straws.

If Fox News does not want to show Obama, then don’t. They should pretend like the president doesn’t exist. Of course, this would remove any claim of journalistic objectivity that the network claims to have, but everyone already knows that Fox News is not objective, so it should be no big deal. There is no need to play these silly games, where they have producers scouring the incoming video, so that they have something to use to cut away from Obama for.

Fox News has been selling health care reform like it is the end of the republic. If this is the case, then shouldn’t a self proclaimed news organization actually cover this vital moment in history? How can they claim on one hand that the health care reform bill is critical, but then cut away from it in order to show an airplane carrying out a perfect landing? Their reasoning does not only defy common sense, but also does not pass the smell test. This is yet another reason why Fox News should not be taken seriously by anyone who wants to be an informed member of society.

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  1. Skeptic says:

    The most damning part of this is that when I try to search to find any kind of story regarding this plane landing, I find nothing. I’m willing to bet FOX News completely made this up.

  2. Marvin says:

    It’s so sad that there people who actually take Fox seriously… I just don’t understand how people can be so easily duped.

  3. LOLLERcoaster says:

    Has Fox “News” been purchased by Comedy Central yet?

  4. Justin says:

    Could US Airways file a lawsuit?

  5. Nikolai says:

    It’s only a matter of time until the crazy, kooky, teabagging, Hannity-loving, Obama bashing, bible-thumping(sorta) gun-totin’ crowd gets bored with Faux. Then Faux will have to reinvent itself, and I predict that is when they will jump the shark and implode, ratings-wise.

  6. Larry Page says:

    Maybe they were getting nauseous from all of the Obama loving. Could be why they are #1 in the ratings.

  7. BC says:

    There was no news in what Obama was saying. The signature was done and his message does not ring for the FOX viewership. I think saying he signed a horrible correction bill was enough. Why give the man anymore platform to sell what already was barely sold.

  8. Reaper2794 says:

    That’s honestly just !@#$in insulting. How stupid do they think we are? Bunch of biased douchebags in the media.

  9. Mike says:

    I’m pretty sure Fox made the entire thing up. Usually (correct me if I’m wrong), don’t like a whole crapload of emergency vehicles pour out onto the airstrip to support a plane if it is suspected of having serious technical difficulties – even if the plane lands – just in case a fire breaks out from the malfunction or something? I don’t see anyone coming out to the plane, do you?

  10. iammatt1936 says:

    MSNBC ran the same story at the same time. both of which ran during obama’s closing remarks which were nothing more than thank yous and not news worthy. you people are all insane. dont believe the garbage you read on the internet sometimes. (I was watching MSNBC and when they switched to the plane story I switch to fox news who switched the to plane story within ten seconds)

  11. foxroxs says:

    LOL – its about time news agencies figured out the obamination has nothing worth saying.

  12. amanda says:

    Oh man watching the plane was tense, got the blood pumping. The way it landed…like thousands of other planes do everyday.

  13. Oldsun says:

    that iammatt1936 is a lair, MSNBC did switch nor did thay make any reference to a plane landing nice try but next time when on a Liberal board in the future we watch MSNBC OK moron.

  14. Bearsa Incorperate says:

    Faux News.

    Best in the Bushit Biz.

  15. M. J. Tehan says:

    Faux News is about as objective as Rush the Hutt and Glenn Dreck.

  16. darkshadow6921 says:

    Hey, if over a hundred people might have died, this is news worthy over the thousands of people who might live a bit longer thanks to the health care reform.

    Its news coverage. Its not news if people are not at deaths door.

    or something like that. Dang, now I am more confused about what news it.

  17. lol says:

    Except that the 101 people on that plane were in no greater danger than the hundreds of thousands of other passengers who flew that day. It’s bullshit. They completely made it up. You will not find any news regarding a US Airways emergency landing in Ft. Lauderdale anywhere because no such thing happened, or if it did, it was certainly not anything serious enough to warrant cutting away from the freaking President.

  18. mike says:

    Maybe the 56% who do not buy into Obama’s socialistic programs are sick of seeing him on TV 24/7..

    • jmeasley says:

      56% where oh where did you get that outdated number? I prefer the NEW polls that show Americans supporting and trusting Obama on health care more than the GOP, but why use new data where you can rely on old polls that support your point of view? The fact is that Fox is supposed to be a news organization, which means that they are supposed to cover the news, not just the news that they agree with. I seriously doubt if Fox polled their audience and asked them if they would like to watch Obama or not.

  19. hattrick58 says:

    Flaps are SO critical on landing. Especially when landing on a 12,000 ft runway.

    This is classic. Thanks,

  20. rich says:

    I saw that. I knew it was bullshit at the time. In order not to be on to Fox you would have to be really stupid.

  21. justin rose says:


  22. Dee says:

    Mike, don’t waste your time with the people on this site. They are clearly liberal fan boys with no balls to have a thought of their own. Too bad I’m rich, I guess eventually King Hussein will take some of my paycheck and give it to them. You people disgust me and the other 24 million living Veterans that served this country just to watch it be flushed down the toilet in four years. Don’t criticize Fox News, when Left leaning networks can’t conjure the nuts to tell the truth, instead hide behind their own interest in gain. Tell you what, you’re welcome. I served my country, and do to this day so that you have the freedom to take mine away. Thanks.

  23. River says:

    The truth is FOX news is the only one out there telling the truth, and its no accident they are ranked number one. Americans are tired of big government and being lied to. Americans are tired of the broken promises and tired of the government shoving taxes and health care down our troughs. Wake up and smell the coffee before American is a socialist, communist, Marxist run country. I invite all you FOX bashers to watch a few episodes of Glenn Beck and see for your selves, everything he says and reports is backed up. No lies there, i trust FOX new with my life!

  24. Wow says:

    For those of you saying “Fox News” is number one for a reason…really that doesn’t mean anything. I know people who watch fox news because only because its so ridiculous. I go on just to laugh at the front page. Go right now, I guarantee that there is conservative spin on nearly every non-breaking news articles. Point is, fox news panders for ratings by catering to the simple minded, just like the programming on the main fox network.

  25. hipmonkey says:

    Fox News caters to the stupid. This robots like being lied to and are the most hateful and uneducated people on the earth. George W Bush didn’t make them raise an eyebrow and he almost brought this country to it’s end. They care nothing about the truth, only repeat what fox news says without fact checking, and unwittingly support a Corporate Fascist regime to govern America. It’s really quite sad to watch or interact with these stupid Neo-Nazis.

  26. DDogbreath says:

    If you people were this intense on unfair media coverage during the 2008 election, we could have been celebrating how much better off we are under president Ron Paul. Instead we cringe about how much money Obama is wasting.

    • jmeasley says:

      Perhaps if you had read any of my writing going back to the 2008 campaign, you would see that I have written lots of stories about Ron Paul getting shafted by the media. Google my name and Ron Paul and you will be surprised, and you really should stop generalizing about writers based on a single post.

  27. Richard Weiss says:

    All news shows should be required to put up a lower 3rd saying “for entertainment only!”

  28. stevedenver says:

    FOX news doesn’t deserve any more publicity than those assholes already get. Fuck them.

  29. Greg says:

    Network news is dying a slow death. CBS, NBC, ABC are complete jokes. The mere fact that Fox “Cable” news is part of any discussion out there is proof people are tired of the liberal crap. Wise up fools!

  30. John says:

    I wished it happened a lot more, would save me from turning the TV off.

  31. LiberalMoron says:

    I am a liberal moron. Oops, I apologize, that is redundant. When I said “liberal”, the “moron” part is assumed already.
    All jokes aside though – you liberals are about as dumb as those extreme right-wing nutcases over on the other board. You believe everything on the left, they believe everything on the right. When are you going to get some damn brains in your heads and see the world through the real lenses, which are GRAY? Not black and white, not red and blue, but GRAY.
    Goddamn it, you are all so stupid. I posted this exact ssame thing on the right-wing dumbass board as well.

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