Fox and Friends Martyrs Doctor Who Announced He Would Refuse Care to Obama Voters

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Fox and Friends Martyrs Doctor Who Announced He Would Refuse Care to Obama Voters; Dr Makes National Fool of Self

Dr Cassell searches for signs of life in his head

Remember the doctor who put a sign on his door warning Obama voters that they best seek their prostate exam elsewhere? Yes, the one Grayson filed an ethics violation against. I don’t know why Grayson thinks a Republican has ethics or would live up to them; he hasn’t been paying attention. But anyway, you gotta love the Democrats. Ethics smethics!

At any rate, this “doctor”, who announced he would determine whom he would help based on how they voted in a political election, claimed to be super mad about “ObamaCare” closing down Hospice centers. I guess no one told this clown that hospice centers were a Socialisty Marxisty thingy? Kinda like that there Medicare? Oh, heavens.

Er, well. Shhhh, don’t tell him (it’s bad enough that he chose a profession that revolves around the fragile male ego and its propensity for urologistic denial; this sign may have been more of a ploy for attention than let’s say…. a purely moronic move), but they aren’t closing down any Hospice Centers due to Obamacare.

First this guy talks to Alan (as in the Alan Please Don’t Beat Me Too Hard) Colmes who used to play a liberal on Fox:

“Dr. Jack Cassell, the Orlando urologist who put a sign on his door letting patients know he doesn’t want to have to treat them if they are Obama/health care reform supporters, was on my radio show Friday night, but didn’t seem to know much about the health care bill he’s criticizing.

Cassell: Hospice cuts in 2012…Does the government want people to die slowly?

Colmes: Do you really think the government wants people dead?

Cassell: Well I think that they’re cutting all supportive care, like nursing homes, ambulance services…

Colmes: What to you mean they’re cutting nursing homes?

Cassell: They’re cutting nursing home reimbursements

Colmes: Isn’t what they’re cutting under the Medicare plan what was really double dipping; they were getting credits and they were getting to deduct them at the same time.

Cassell: Well you know, I can’t tell you exactly what the deal is.

Colmes: If you can’t tell us exactly what the deal is, why are you opposing it and fighting against it?

Cassell: I’m not the guy who wrote the plan.

Colmes: But if you don’t know what the deal is why are you speaking out against something you don’t know what the deal is?

Cassell: What I get online, just like any other American. What I’m supposed to understand about the bill should be available to me.

Colmes: It is; it’s been online for a long time; it’s also been all over the media…

In fact, the National Association of Home Care and Hospice praises much of the bill.”

Yikes. Alan’s got audio for those of you in the mood. He did a great job trying to educate this guy, sadly to no avail. You just can’t help some people.

Now, what we have here is just another right-winger who thinks the bill was never made available to read, but nonetheless feels super comfy taking a national stand against something he has never read. I’m guessing he watches Fox News, so the fact that he has now made a national embarrassment of himself due to being epically wrong should come as no shock. He let Fox do the decidin’ for him. They’re all fair and balanced over there. And you gotta love how he petulantly declares that it’s someone’s job to make sure he can find the bill on the internet. Because, you know; he’s just a doctor?

But wait!

Here comes Fox to make it all better cuz they are worried about Dr Cassell’s first amendment rights! You know, those rights to say whatever a right-winger wants with no accountability? Yes, THOSE rights. The ones you and I will never have. The right to call John Kerry a traitor and Obama a terrorist.  The right to lie and smear without repercussions. AKA, “the Republican first amendment rights”.

SO you might think it would be you and I who were mad, since the doctor is lying about the bill…but NO! Shock and awe, Dr. Cassell is “mad as hell!”

Here is the video of Our Illiterate Doctor of the Holy Martyred Misinformed Right, courtesy of Media Matters:

Dr Cassell Elevated to Martyr of the Misinformed Status

Dr Cassell warns that Grayson is “a fool”  — it takes one to know one, honey — and leaves off with this dire warning about the infringements on his rights in this here Socialisty thing: “For doctor’s to not be able to have a political opinion is not good”.

Ah, yes, because having an opinion is the same thing as denying care to people based on their political stance. Er….Let me just go back to the part where he is sticking instruments up mens’ prostates and yet he can’t read? I mean, I don’t wanna be all elitisty, but something seems off here.

“Dr” Cassell goes on to tell us all about how Obama wants us to not only die younger, but a slow and painful death to boot. Luckily, the foxes at Fox and Friends never challenged his assertions with anything remotely resembling reality. Because reality could really put a damper on the martyrdom of the Great White Man finally taking a stand.

It used to be that the righties (this is a nod to Fox’s respectful use of “lefities”) would wait until they had inflicted some pain before identifying so closely with their self-pitying victimology, but now the righties just run around shrieking about how they are the victims of white racism and other stuff. You know, all of the stuff white male doctors have been putting up with for all of these years. Sigh.

Apparently when you can’t read, it’s easy to confuse martyrdom with ignorance.  A true martyr “is somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce a belief, usually religious.” That’s not the same thing as refusing to believe science, facts, or the willful choice to remain misinformed. Making this fool into a martyr is a stretch, even for Fox and Friends.

But the games have begun! Dr Cassellis a national Rightie hero! He can’t read, he refused to research the healthcare bill even though he is a medical professional, he misrepresents what is in the bill on Monday morning, even after Alan Colmes gave him a chance Friday night to learn something…

Yep. An illiterate, helpless whiner; a regular right wing hero. Move over, Joe the Plumber.

Note: This is called GOPClownShow. Sarcasm is expected, no? Nonetheless, let me say that in all seriousness, I respect Alan Colmes. I just hated watching him get beaten up for years on H & C. It was pure torture. Welcome to the new world, Alan!

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