$: The Governor Formerly Known as Sarah Palin

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$: The Governor Formerly Known as Sarah Palin

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The half-term governor formerly known as Sarah Palin has something in common with Prince: She is now known as a symbol rather than a name. Yes, when you see the $ sign, you know it’s a short hand reference to the half-term secessionist. $ is sort of the Tonya Harding meets Kate Gosselin of politics. $ is like Tonya in that she’s the white trash thug of politics and yet $ also shares Kate Gosselin’s fame whoredom, and mommy-make over plastic surgery addiction.

$ was given many names before she became known as the symbol of the dollar sign: Scarah Paylin, $error Pay-lie, Bible Spice, Patriarchal Barbie, Snowbilly, Wasilla Hillbilly, Grifter, Grafter, CFM heels, Tundra Tart, GOP puppet, etc. But it wasn’t until she quit as half term governor and proceeded to give the same speech around the country for the massive sum of 100,000.00 per nasal spew that her real name was born.

$ is now building her faux resume to run for office of $OTUS in 2012 as $ goes to England to meet Thatcher!

GO $!

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