Evil Commie Kenyan Obama SWAT Team Called on Grannie

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Or, cops dressed in riot gear ask Teabaggers to move off street so motorcade of duly elected President of USA can drive safely down street. DOH.There are some older white women present. Danger, Will Robinson.

Obama SWAT team!

Obama SWAT team!

David Weigel of WaPo reports: “I like to keep track of fables and narratives within the tea party movement, and we learned of a new one this week — the story of the “SWAT team” called out to threaten tea partyers in Quincy, Ill. In the words of Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit:

‘The SWAT Team was called in today at the Quincy Tea Party Rally … local Quincy Tea Party Leader Steve McQueen was directing protesters when the SWAT team was called in.’”

Other claims, “Obama calls SWAT team on White people!” (youtube) and Hotair’s “SWAT team outside Obama event beats back geriatric tea-party hordes!”

Oh, yeah. This so has legs! Nobama and his SWAT of evil communists! Here’s the Video for proof! You have to imagine the SWAT team and also, too, them beating back whitey, but the rest of it is SO real! Just wait until Beck takes his chalk to this conspiracy! :

Quincy Herald Whig reports: “There were a few tense moments when the crowd moved west down York toward Third Street after the president’s motorcade arrived. A Secret Service agent asked the crowd to move back across the street to the north side.

When the crowd didn’t move and began singing “God Bless, America” and the national anthem, Quincy Deputy Police Chief Ron Dreyer called for members of the Mobile Field Force to walk up the street. The officers, mainly from Metro East departments near St. Louis and dressed in full body armor, marched from the east and stood on the south side of York facing the protesters. There was no physical contact, and the officers did not come close to the crowd, but there were catcalls and more than a few upset tea party members, including a woman who shouted, “This is communism!”


McQueen also assisted in asking people to step back to the north side of York. The crowd moved back, the officers stayed for about 15 minutes and left, and there were no other incidents. “It’s just a communication issue. We were trying to get them to move across the street,” Quincy Deputy Police Chief Curt Kelty said. “We were just trying to move them back, they complied, and it was fine.” ‘

FINE? How dare you minimize Grannie’s pain? She coulda been beaten down protesting her Commie Medicare!

Whenever I hear “God Bless America” and Communism together, I know Sarah Palin and her band of merry Constitutionalists is somewheres nearby and it just makes me feel good to know someone just like me is in charge.

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