Don’t Drunk Dial Freedom Works!

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For the love of God, people, stop drunk dialing the astroturfing plastic Jesus at Freedom Works! You are NEVER going to get off the teat of Big Government if you keep harassing the lobbyists like this!

Do Not Drunk Dial Freedom Works!

Do Not Drunk Dial Freedom Works!

Just look at the Geico guy! Fox and Freedom Works stuck it to him like good Fascists would and now he’s out of a job just for speaking his mind. This kind of payback is what the Right calls “Blowback” or “pushback” for your opinion – it’s the New 1st Amendment, according to the Right and drafted by Mrs Sarah I quit Palin. It’s all about mafia rule, basically. So, just don’t disagree with the Corporate Monsters. You silly patriot!

So when you’re drinking that whinetini tonight and thinking about how you got screwed by Drill Baby Drill because you thought the oil stayed here, you really did, that’s what they told ya’ at the Ministry of Truth (Fox News), just remember…



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