Coward Mitch McConnell Obstructs Government from Cloak of Secrecy

| May 6, 2010 | 1 Comment

Coward Mitch McConnell Obstructs Government from Cloak of Secrecy and Constituents Speak Out!

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The Republicans are engaged in high stakes game of hold laundering, meant to bring government to a standstill and hopefully make the country ungovernable so they can win a few elections this year…

Coward Mitch McConnell Obstructs Government from Cloak of Secrecy

Coward Mitch McConnell Obstructs Government from Cloak of Secrecy

Their diabolical plan has been to secretly obstruct all 92 of Obama’s nominees, so that we can function for a year and a half so far with out a TSA chief (oh, thanks for that, boys!). What’s a few planes being blown up to buy the boys an election, though? Right!?

According to Mitchy Boy, this cowardly act of hiding under a white sheet whilst obstructing your country’s best interests is just…biz as usual (note that I use the painfully hip “biz” as a nod to the Republicans stunning ability to have their finger on the pulse of the country — show us your papers, brown people!). Mitch tried to sell this bag of turds (as fresh as a powerpoint presentation) to the press:

“We’ve always had a challenging environment in the Senate with regard to the confirmation of executive branch appointments. This administration’s been treated about the same as the previous administrations in terms of the pace of confirmations.”

Yes, challenges! That’s the new word for we are asshats.

And when there are asshats, there are people who are annoyed with said asshats. Hence, the screengrab I share with you, my gentle reader, sent to me by an animal-loving peaceful person who was finally driven to speak up, as her founders and Sarah Palin urge!

Mitch McConnell Gets Country to Express Themselves!

Mitch McConnell Gets Country to Express Themselves!

Thus, has Mitchy finally done some good for the country. He has brought normally pleasant people to their knees in frustration until they can only do as Madonna advices, and Express Themselves! All hail Mitchy for inspiring emails the country wide.

The Founders would be so proud.

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  1. Geo says:

    Another hypocritical, lying limp-dick ‘Pube. Are there any other types in that festering cesspool of a party?

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