Not Fooled by GOP Spin: Americans Still Blame Bush for Economy

| April 8, 2010 | 6 Comments

Americans are smarter than Republicans: They Blame Bush for Economy

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Freaking News Bush Clown

Bush Clown Picture Courtesy of FreakingNews.Com

While Republicans and Fox News have been busy blaming Obama for the economy, the average American knows better. And by average, I don’t mean Republican Fox News Propaganda Tools who have been proven to be the most MISINFORMED viewers of any news show. I mean your average person, who is mildly informed, still blames George W. Bush for the economy according to a new Harris poll .

Yeah. The mildly informed are still blaming George W….Kinda like they’re still blaming Hitler for WWII. You know, because it was his fault.

I only mention that because I know Republicans are busy trying to rewrite history (Texas “Textbooks” protect even their East Coast Elite Faux Cowboys).

“Americans still blame Bush for economy” according to a new Harris poll.

“Former President George W. Bush gets more blame for the country’s economic troubles than his successor or the Democrats who control Congress, according to a Harris poll out Wednesday. ”

(Wait, was there someone else to blame? Did I miss something in Bush’s Reckless Deregulating Ride through the financial sectors that once held this country together?)

““The memory of President George W. Bush and the state of the economy he left as part of his legacy still sticks in the craw of Americans,” wrote pollster Louis Harris in his analysis.”

Yeah, he sticks in my craw, just like the WMD lie sticks in my craw, the depletion of my stock portfolio sticks in my craw, and the idea of W posing on a non-working ranch being enough to get him “re-elected” (Diebold) as a “real American” sticks in my craw.

Politico writes this almost as if poor W were takin’ a beatin’ he didn’t deserve.

On the other hand, remember when Bush got called a usurper after he was anointed King instead of elected? And remember how we did those horrid things to him like calling him a Muslim Nazi and threatening his children? And remember how we refused to believe he was even born here in the US just because his birth certificate, the state paper, the hospital and his parents said so? And remember how the entire Democratic party shouted out at his state of the union addresses, especially after he started an illegal war? You Lie! And remember how he was called a traitor on 911 because he had refused to even read the intel which warned of an imminent attack using an airplane?

Oh, wait.

Clearly your average American is smarter than the average Republican Fox viewer, who lives in a world detached from reality.

Speaking of which, just how long are the Republicans going to keep obstructing the appointment of the TSA chief? One would have thought the underwear bomber would have brought this home for them, but apparently they so love destroying government that they do not care if they put every single American life at risk, just so long as they make the country ungovernable whilst they are out of power.

They would, of course, love to see an attack under a Democratic president so they can stop pushing the “W kept us safe” (except for 911, the anthrax attacks, the false premise for a war which is killing hundreds of thousands, and destroying our housing market and retirement funds– yeah, he kept us righteously safe!) meme and start blaming Democrats for being weak on terror in earnest.

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  1. Nikolai says:

    I think bush was just a little hand-puppet without any real know-how or power. I mean, look at Katrina for god’s sake; he had a chance to take the helm and command resources be sent to the LA-MS gulf coast. He would have looked like a hero, presidential even, and could have turned his presidency (or the perception of) around right then and there, but no, he sat on his hands. The dummy didn’t even realize he could call the shots as the president. He just sat and waited for his handlers to instruct him on what to do and say next. Pathetic. He was a fool to ever accept the nomination, but that’s what the republicans (Cheney) wanted, after all.

  2. sarah jones says:

    You said it Nikolai. The Republicans have been running puppets with charisma ever since Reagan. When will they realize it doesn’t work, or wait, they don’t care if it works. They only care if it gets them the reins.

  3. Jack says:

    Who is Sarah Jones and how would she know?

  4. Jack says:

    You must be in California, huh?

  5. sarah jones says:

    Yo, Jack

    What makes you ask where I live? Does that impact the way I can read poll numbers somehow? Do tell.

    Who am I and how would I know? It’s called analyzing a national poll. If you’d like to read Harris’ analysis, be my guest. His analysis is even more scathing. The American people have spoken, like it or not.


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