CNN Busts Darrell Issa For Lying About Classified Hillary Clinton Emails


Wolf Blitzer busted Darrell Issa for lying about Hillary Clinton’s emails during an interview on CNN.


Transcript via CNN:

REP. DARRELL ISSA (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, Wolf, the one thing we now know is that, as they said, about 300 separate e-mails, maybe more, contain classified information. And I think it’s important to get above the discussion of classified documents and so on. If you or I go to a briefing, and we receive classified information, and we then produce an e-mail that says things that were in that briefing, that is disclosing classified information. That appears to be what happened.


It’s not an accident to have 300 e-mails become retroactively, if you will, determined to be classified. That means somebody sent out classified information and did not recognize it as classified.

Huma, her assistant, her second daughter, if you will, is brilliant. Hillary Clinton is brilliant. So the question is, are people that smart unable to recognize sensitive classified information? I don’t believe so. And I think the FBI needs to look at this, because in fact her server may very well have been constantly observed by third parties, because quite candidly it’s not a classified network. It didn’t enjoy the robust protection that one would expect to have.

BLITZER: Well, my understanding is those 300 e-mails they’re looking at now, that they haven’t definitively ruled that it was classified information. They’re going over it right now. There seems to be a dispute going on between the State Department and other agencies of the U.S. government what should have been classified, even if it had not been classified at the time. Is that your understanding, as well?

ISSA: Well, it is. But I’ll give you a little piece of history. During my chairmanship, it was amazing how the State Department classified the most mundane information, even when publicly available. In this case, it appears as though State would like to say these things weren’t particularly classified.

Well, the CIA and NSA and other clandestine agencies appear to be appalled that very sensitive information was sent out on her nongovernment server in an unclassified format.

With one fact based question, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was able to derail the Republican myth of the 300 classified emails.

It is a mystery why CNN or any other cable network continues to give Darrell Issa airtime. Rep. Issa is a compulsive liar whose singular motivation is to get attention and publicity for himself.

When he was a committee chairman, Issa’s House Oversight Committee reached Joseph McCarthy levels of bias and power abuse. Issa was such a joke that Speaker John Boehner kept him off of the Select Committee investigating Benghazi. Issa has become so desperate for attention that he tried to crash a closed deposition of the Benghazi committee only to be escorted out of the room by Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Clinton’s emails have become the new Republican conspiracy, but all it took was one fact based question to get Issa to admit that the 300 classified emails talking point was not true.

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4 thoughts on “CNN Busts Darrell Issa For Lying About Classified Hillary Clinton Emails”

  1. This man has wasted so much of the taxpayers money he should be made to pay it back…..the people in Calif. need to quit voting this joke of a man into office

  2. What a sad day for politics, when republicans stoop to such low BS, like today when Ted Cruz criticized the Carter administration!!

  3. Just because something is classified doesn’t mean its disclosure will cause the nation to fall or the world to crack in two. Classification is often done for political purposes, not national security.

  4. Issa has a job to do…Keep Hillary Clinton’s name in the public domain in a Negative manner. The GOP and Issa in particular Never care about the truth because they know as long as there is a negative connotation. It’s good for the GOP. The only problem here…the American people are not as stupid as the Republicans think they are.

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