2012 Poll: GOP Rejects Both Palin and Romney As Leaders

| April 8, 2010 | 8 Comments

2012 Poll: Republicans Reject Both Palin and Romney

Romney and Palin Rejected by GOP

Romney and Palin Rejected by GOP

A new poll of Republicans by Harris brought bad news for the White House aspirations of both Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin, who both find themselves trailing none of the above. Among Republicans Romney leads Palin, 14%-13%, when voters were asked who the leader of the GOP is, but None beat both of them with 34%. Thus far neither Palin nor Romney has convinced Republicans that they can turn the Party of No into the Party of Go.

Palin’s and Romney’s issues mirrored each other as according to Harris, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney rated highest with 14 percent, but he was swamped by the 34 percent of respondents who were either “not sure” or would have picked someone other than the eight Republicans listed, and Sarah Palin finished second among Republicans with 13 percent. She was trailed by Sen. John McCain (11%), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (6%) former Vice President Dick Cheney and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (4% each), House Minority Leader John Boehner (3%) and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (<1%).

Dear God. This is dire.

We have the classic struggle here: Romney the fiscal conservative (old school Republicans) versus Palin the social conservative/evangelical (Republican base taking over GOP for last 40 years). Both of them aspire to be Reagan, but currently resemble Bob Dole and poll like Dan Quayle. As bad as things are within the party for Palin and Romney, they are even worse within voters of all affiliations. When voters of all kinds were asked John McCain was identified as the leader of the GOP by 10% of respondents with Palin and Romney tying for second at 8%.

But what makes this even more interesting is that within that struggle, we have Palin and the Tea Party and the social conservatives versus the Mitt Romney and the fiscally conservative establishment GOP. Palin has long been associated with 3rd party fringe movements: she was an AIP supporter (and rumored Bircher)– Palin is no stranger to using a 3rd party, fringe elements within a party, or using extreme issues to win elections, while Romney hopes that he is next in the line of GOP succession to the nomination as has been the historical trend in inter-party GOP politics.

The message that everyone should take from this poll is that Republican Party is not on the path to revival. It is still a listless ship being guided by waves of fringe anger that lacks the guidance and navigation that can only come from a strong captain. Romney and Palin and both well known quantities, but to most Republicans and the nation at large they are the same old faces carrying the same flaws that held them back in 2008. Republicans better batten down the hatches and prepare for an Obama led Democratic bloodbath in 2012, because right now the Grand Old Party is a ship of fools that it is stuck going in circles around the bay.

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  1. Shiva says:

    I know that Sarahs poll numbers are very low, but I had no idea that Mr None could win the poll. Just like to say good luck to him in 2012. I am betting he chooses Mr Zilch as his running mate.

  2. Nikolai says:

    Who in the hell wants kooky, faux religious, animal torturing, geography failing, winking, blinking, waffling, wimpy right-wing weirdos in the Oval Office anyway?

    Fortunately, not even many of their ilk!

  3. cooper union says:

    We will see which is the ship of fools this November-I think you had better batten down the hatches. NB check out the latest Obama poll at 43%-the biggest drop in polling history-welcome to Bush territory in less than two years-how is that hopey changey stuff working out for ya? Eh.
    What you jerks have not understood is the public is fed up with leaders of all stripes who promise the world but deliver crap-which is why the Tea party has no structre or leader.Your day is done.

  4. cooper union says:

    Oh and there is this for you to weep over.

  5. Baruch says:

    It is actually heartening to hear that (if this poll is accurate) most republicans (20% of the electorate at this point) have values which reject this slate of corrupt phony shysters. Now if they would all be swept away by some ethical candidates, that would be wonderful, but given the nature of the republican party, it is highly unlikely.

  6. Ted says:

    Ron Paul.

  7. sarah jones says:

    @cooper union,

    You do realize that Obama’s approval ratings are right in line with Reagan’s at this time in his presidency, right?

    @ Barcuh,

    Yes, I agree…but somehow I don’t believe it. They don’t have anyone else (as Ted points out, they have Ron Paul, but we all know they will never allow him to run on GOP ticket– they can’t). Republicans have not demonstrated a quick grasp of the pulse of the country.

    The GOP will keep creating a false narrative around Palin as she is the only one who generates a buzz. This is a problem of their own making– they sold Palin to the people through Fox “News” stories (she has never done an interview other than Fox or taken questions that weren’t pre-screened since Katie Couric)and their base believed them.

    They have to keep their base misinformed and believing that the media is out to get them (this is hysterical when you realize the media is comprised of the military industrial media congloms),lest they get tainted by facts.

    No, we’re not going to see a rebirth of the party yet. They’re in the middle of a huge mess of their own making. They lied for so long to their base, that their base is enraged. They can’t very well sell a smart, fiscal conservative to them now….

    All they can do is keep spinning their American Idol version of Puppets for Dollars, aka: False Narrative Sold as Presidential Candidate, waving bibles and flags to distract the people from their record and lack of knowledge.


    Yes, None is quite popular. Were I a Republican, I would also vote None.


    The Dominionists (c-streeters etc) who are trying to take over this country want her in office….and they have a lot of money:-) Let’s hope the people are smarter than that.


    I hear your pain, but Ron Paul does not appeal to the social conservatives and the Republicans use social conservative wedge issues to rile up their base.

    They can’t very well run on “small government” when they (Palin left Alaska 70% debt to GDP) expand government, intrude on citizens rights (Patriot Act), and take away state’s rights (OCC) to legislate from on high. Bush left this country in massive debt and a recession/depression due to the massive reckless deregulation gambles (I’d like to point out, since you are a Ron Paul fan, that contrary to the Bush administration’s actions, small government does not necessarily mean stupidity; in other words, less regulations does not mean NO regulations)he took. They didn’t stop him. Not one of them insisted he put the war on the budget. How can they stand on fiscal conservatism? All they have is “hate the gay” “baby killer” and “Muslim Kenyan”. Same old crap. No ideas.

    I’d be happy if they ran Ron Paul, as he stands for something and at least we could have a real debate of ideas. But I fear we’re looking at a Palin Bachmann ticket. They’re going to double down on crazy red meat rage and paranoia. And why is that? Because they don’t want to discuss the failures of their policies. After all, the only conclusion that will come from a real debate is that they either implemented their ideas poorly or the ideas themselves are faulty.

    Too bad we can’t have a real debate about the role of government so we could attempt to find the best solution to the debacle Bush left us. Instead, we are riding the wave of reactionary denial (which manifests as rage) brought to us by the Republican party.

    This country is in real trouble.

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